Workshop mit Akteuren des behördlichen und außerbehördlichen marinen Naturschutzes (German)

6-7 Dezember 2017, Oldenburg

German only

Symposium on Functional Marine Biodiversity - Integrative Research Perspectives

20-21 June 2017, Oldenburg

This meeting brought international researchers together in order to discuss research needs, potentials and gaps in marine conservation research. The future directions for the subject was communicated by invited speakers, who are all high-ranking, world-leading scientists.

Together with leading scientists of HIFMB and a small group of collaborators, the Symposium on Functional Marine Biodiversity successfully formed the foundations for new research themes. The symposium covered the following topics:

  • Marine Conservation
  • Biodiversity Theory
  • Marine Governance
  • Biodiversity Informatics

Cooperation Workshop (German)

Kooperationsworkshop HIFMB: Biodiversitätsforscher treffen sich im ICBM -Terramare

21 March 2017, Oldenburg

German only