RA1: Sources and drivers of marine biodiversity

Objective: Quantifying & predicting biodiversity change

⇒ Which changes of biodiversity do we expect under global environmental change?
⇒ Which ecological and evolutionary mechanisms lead to temporal and spatial patterns in marine biodiversity?

RA2: Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning

Objective : Understanding functional consequences of change

⇒ How are major ecosystem processes linked to biodiversity and how variable is this link in space and time?
⇒ What are the general principles the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem processes is based up

RA3: Marine conservation and ecosystem services

Objective : Maintaining biodiversity & functions and enabling socio-ecological management

⇒ What strategies do we need to develop effective marine biodiversity conservation?
⇒ How can conservation of species be integrated into the adaptive management of ecosystem functions (ESFs) and services (ESSs)?